Chuck Boston is a Concept Designer and Illustrator for the entertainment industry. He has always had an eye for beauty and creating art was his way to express that.  He studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design majoring in Illustration, dabbling in Graphic Design, Industrial Design and 3D.  A love for video games and film shifted his ambitions to entertainment resulting in a move to Los Angeles to study Concept design and 3D at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Interning for the Gnomon Studio and Aaron Sims Company enlightened him to the professional world of production. After finishing classes at Gnomon he began working with Warner Brothers on Beautiful Creatures.  Currently Chuck is Concept Illustrator and Project Manager of Pimenta Rosa Productions.

Chuck continues to learn and grow his craft as he does design work for feature films, games, commercials and other entertainment media. He is constantly pushing his artistic boundaries to create impactful art that all can enjoy.