3D Sculpt and Design for Costume Accessories

These were used for 3D print prototyping and product design. Production is coordinated between China based suppliers/vendors and US based clients such as The Disney Store, Disguise, Sanrio, Universal, Sony and more.

Shoes designed for PVC injection molding

Sculpt of Pamela Anderson for Visual Effects on short film 'Connected'. Visual Effects Supervised by Casey Price. Sculpted from scan data provided by the studio.

Shrunken head accessory(added to a bust)

Personal creature character busts

Helmet designs for in house IP costumes

Griff Helmet replica from Back to the Future © Universal

Griff 'Pitbull' hoverboard replica from 'Back to the Future' © Universal

Ghost Busters Proton Pack Replica © Universal

Pendant charms for Chinese friends based on astrological animals.

Shield accessories for in house IP costumes. Made for EVA foam injection.

MISC mask and tiara designs

Custom mannequin busts and bases 3D printed for fitting headwear. Sizes based in Alva Form standard.

To see my additional work in 2D illustration and character design please send me an email and I will send you a protected viewing page. Thank you.

All images ©Chuck Boston Studio unless otherwise noted